Friday, September 30, 2005

A Turkmen protest in UEFA Cup

Young Turkmen had protested the injustices committed against his people since the end of the former regime of Saddam Hussein during the UEFA cup game in Malmö-Sweden. OMER ALI SABIR had jumped into the soccer field in Malmö Stadium five minutes before the end of the game between teams Malmö (Sweden) and Basiktas (Turkey). He raised the Turkmen flag and began to take a tour in the field which forced the referee to stop the game for approximately two minutes. Omer Ali Sabir was arrested by Swedish security while he kept screaming LONG LIVE TURKMEN.This incident indicates the anger and the frustration of the Turkmen in Iraq. It is considered to be the first action and also a sign that the Turkmen will never stop demanding their legitimate rights by using democratic processes. Despite the Turkmen constitute 13% of Iraq’s population they were intentionally listed among the others in the Draft Constitution and their language was not considered as the third language in Iraq. The Turkmen were totally excluded from Iraq’s political field.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tal Afar Refugees Sheltered in Mosul

Families displaced by the fighting in northern city of Tal Afar are flooding into the Mosul area where they’ve found shelter in crowded local homes but face shortages of food and medical supplies.

Iraqi Turkoman Denounce Manipulations Concerning the Referendum on the Constitution

Turkmen political parties complained to the Independent High Commission for Election and stated that this is an additional attempt to “Kurdify” the Turkmen regions.3

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Kirkuk hosts religious forum to discuss referendum and elections

TIKRIT, Iraq, September 26, 2005
Task Force Liberty’s 116th BCT sponsors meeting in Kirkuk
Religious leaders of different faiths came together for a forum held in Kirkuk, Monday, Sept. 19, with one thing in common, to learn about and discuss the upcoming constitutional referendum and parliamentary elections. The diverse group ended the show by condemning terrorist acts of violence committed by terrorists.

Kirkuk-Ankara-Brussels Line

Professor Huseyin Bagci
When speaking about the Middle East he mentioned an unusual new pipeline which will likely stir up much debate in Turkey and the Middle East. Talking about the European Union's midterm policy planning he said that the prospects of a new line was emerging which should affect the EU's policies. This is the Kirkuk-Ankara-Brussels pipeline. Not Tehran, not Baghdad but Kirkuk. Kirkuk was here mentioned for the first time by any European politician and now analyst.