Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Iraqi Turkmens warn Baker-Hamilton commission over Kirkuk

Tuesday, December 5, 2006
ANKARA - Turkish Daily News
Ahead the release of a key report this week by a top-level commission probing U.S. strategic options in Iraq, a senior Iraqi Turkmen leader has warned the commission of certain points in the current constitution of Iraq, particularly regarding the disputed northern Iraqi province of Kirkuk.>>>

Monday, December 04, 2006

Letter to Iraqi Study Group

kerkuk.net 04.12.2006

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Iraq Study Group

Mr. James BAKER


At the beginning of my letter I would like to express myself that the presence of two experts in politics in the Iraq study group is a great chance and a fortune in establishing peace in the world. I also strongly believe that the prepared report would truly contribute to restoring stability and bringing peace to the Middle East, and particularly to Iraq.

Truly, believing that you will consider all different concerns and views as you declared had encouraged me to forward this letter to your attention. However, the world awaits the result of your working group that will be presented on the 6th of December 2006.

As a leader of the Turkmen population in Iraq, I believe that this report will contain many virtual and cordial measures that will bring peace and stability to Iraq. Therefore I feel myself that it is my duty to contribute to your work.

As a matter of fact and after the passage of a certain time it is been indicated that the Turkmen were the only Iraqi segment who defended the land integrity and called for the unity of all Iraqi components under the superior of Iraqi identity. The Turkmen also claimed that the national resources should belong to all Iraqis.

The most important point in this dilemma is to ensure Iraq's stability and security. Many groups that have received the U.S. Administration support are trying irresponsibly to obtain boundless gains in Iraq. The unjust constitution, leading to dividing Iraq and causing to increase the resistance operations against the occupation, are among the causes that raised the sectarian war in Iraq.

Bringing together the Sunni and Shiite Clergies will have a good effect and influence on the nation to clarify the image and eventually prevent the sectarian war. Preventing and dismantling the influence of some militia groups supported from abroad, which have been penetrated into the army and security forces will help to solve this problem.

The stability in Iraq with the continuation of the current Iraqi constitution is not possible at the present. However, a new constitution must be constituted after taking into consideration the views and the concerns of the groups that always defended the unity of Iraq. The current constitution is the main source of all the problems which led the Kurds and certain Shiites groups to take some gains over the safety and security measures of Iraq.

Consequently, the constitution must accept Arabs, Kurds and the Turkmen as the main Iraqi components and Arabic must be the only official language in Iraq. However, the provincial federal system based on 18 provinces is highly recommended. Further more all natural resources should stay under the control of the central government.

The implementation of the Iraqi constitution articles on the issue of Kirkuk in the absence of stability opens a new arena of problems at present. In light of the changes that will occur on the constitution a joint management administration system in Kirkuk would be more realistic.

We must not forget that the Kurds in the north who constitute 18% of the population have occupied the presidency of the state and many other sensitive positions in a country where Arabs constitute majority. This will be always a source of lack of stability in Iraq.

Naturally, no one accepts his country to be an under occupation. The American forces longer remain in Iraq will raise the desire of the resistance among the population. The announcement of the withdrawal schedule after restoring stability and security in Iraq will reduce the people's support for organizations such as Al Qaeda and will marginalize the intensity of violence.

Consequently, benefiting from the natural resources under the supervision of the U.S. Administration and enhancing the economical situation will result in accelerating stability in Iraq.

Clearly, the term of the Turkmen has not been brought up in the American political agenda in Iraq. We in the Iraqi Turkmen Front have indicated through our attitude that we always demanded peace and stability in Iraq more than any other groups. Therefore, we are looking forward that our views and concerns would be taken into consideration in building the bright future of the new Iraq.

In addition to these opinions, I wish you all the best and the success in your work.

Dr. Sadettin ErgeƧ

Iraqi Turkmen Front


December 01, 2006