Saturday, March 24, 2007

Denmark is talking about the Turkmen

The U.S.A., Iraqi government and Kurdish politicians were protested in Denmark. A protest march was organized in Copenhagen with the participation of various Turkmen associations from different European countries. Turkmen participating from Germany, Hamburg, and Sweden’s Malmö and Orhus were among the many countries from whence Turkmen decorated the streets of Copenhagen with their sky blue and red flags, making the persecution of Turkmen in the area by Kurds and Kirkuk the conservation topic for the whole of Denmark. Iraq anti war protestors supported the Turkmen march which was broadcasted live on Denmark’s television channels. The widely discussed protest march was also carried to the headlines of Denmark’s daily papers. newspaper featured the 1000 strong Turkmen protestors and the persecution of Turkmen in Kirkuk and its environs by the Kurds. During the rally the complaints of the Turkmen and what they requested from the world’s public were voiced. The Danish protestors were sincerely interested in the Turkmen. The press release of Turkmen Political Committee was released during the Turkmen march which was attended by Sweden’s Malmo Turkmen House President Mr. Ahmet Rauf and executive board members, Hamburg Turkmen Association president mr. Fevzi Kerküklü and Board Members Cuma Hurşit, Seyit Salih, Hasan Sarıkahya, Denmark’s Orhus Turkmen Cultural Association President Mr. Murat Salih, his deputy Yıldırım Merttürkmen and other board members, Turkmen Political Committee member Mr. Mahmut Rauf and Copenhagen Iraq Turkmen Culture Association founding president Mr. Halit Tofik, Iraq caliye Turkmen member İkbal Hanım in addition to Turkmen women and nationalist Turkmen individuals. After the meeting and a meal eaten together, the Turkmen left savoring a feeling of unity and with the sense of accomplishment In addition to Danish organizations, the Copenhagen Ülkü Ocakları association supported the Turkmen’s march with over a 1000 (thousand) people to simultaneously protest the Iraqi war.
Savaş Nurettin
Special Translation : Kerkuk.NET