Saturday, October 22, 2005

BOOK: The Future Of Iraq

Dictatorship, Democrasi or Division?
the book examines Saddam's authoritarianism, ruthlessness, and dictatorship but also sheds some light on the Baathists built a modern nation.Anderson and Stansfield, the authors say that Saddam had decided in 1970 to reach a political settlement with the Kurds - known to us as the so-called March Memorandum.The book says, and as all Iraqis over the age of 40 know, the Kurds were granted autonomy, the right to speak and teach Kurdish, Kurdish newspapers and a cut of the oil proceeds coming from Kirkuk. But, the book says, US and Israeli intelligence agencies did not like the truce between Saddm and the Kurds and so began mobilizing in the north of the country.

Violence in Iraq - Conspiracy to destroy Iraq

Turkey understands that once violence subsides and stability reigns in Iraq the first order of the day would be for the Kurds to annex many Turkmen villages and then declare either a) Greater Kurdistan or b) declare independence. As we all know, federalism would include that (See Quebec)

PKK Warning to US: Turkey Grows Impatient While Martyrs Fall Everyday

By Zaman Published: Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Turkey follows the developments in Iraq, Erdogan indicated, at each stage, he underlined, Turkey fulfilled its responsibilities. Turkey wanted to assist Iraq in attaining a democratic future with unity and integrity and the government remains sensitive about the situation of the Turkmen and the city of Kerkuk (Kirkuk). Reminding that they continuously asked the Iraqi administration and the US to fight effectively against the terrorist elements in Iraq, he continued:

Ankara’s Expectations For Iraq

MILLIYET- Iraq hasn’t announced the outcome of its referendum on a new constitution. It’s investigating suspicious vote tallies. The US-Iraq administration developed strange rules and interpretations so the outcome would be approval and then carried out a referendum with less strange rules. It was announced unofficially that the result was positive with Shiite and Kurdish votes, and then the official announcement was postponed due to doubts.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Attacking the Arab Representative in Kirkuk during an Interview with "Al Hayat"

Kirkuk – Ja'far Al Ahmar, Al Hayat representative, has been attacked by some police elements, while he was conducting an interview with Mohamed Khalil Al Jabouri, member of Kirkuk province council and spokesman for the Arab Gathering in the province in the yard of the Supreme Commission for the Elections in Kirkuk.

In Iraq's mixed Mosul, voters split over charter

15 Oct 2005 20:34:53 GMT
Source: Reuters
"This constitution is against the unity of Iraq. I want an Iraq made up of Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen," said Subby Haddidi, echoing concerns shared by many fellow Sunnis the draft will lead to the breakaway of Iraq and provides too much power to Kurds and Shi'ites, giving them control of oil reserves.