Sunday, January 28, 2007

Announcement from a Turkmen member in Kerkuk Council 27.01.2007
To all the International human rights organizations and United Nations authoritiesIn the present difficult situation of the Kerkuk city, which hosted different communities for centuries, is severely deteriorating. With the approach of the referendum which determines the fate of the city, a fierce deliberated plan is carried out to force the original inhabitants from Turkmen and Arabs to leave their city. • Bombing of the Turkmen shops, assassinations and kidnappings are acutely increased,• Threatening Turkmen businessmen, staffs (physicians and engineers), Directors in governmental offices and shop owners to pay huge amount of money or they will be killed. This makes a large number of them to run off the city.Worth noting that the militant Kurdish Pashmargas supported by occupation authorities dominate the police, security and military system of Kerkuk regionWe call the international community, regional powers and the United Nations to interfere for the sake of the Kerkuk inhabitants to prevent the expected massive deportation of non Kurdish inhabitants of Kerkuk city.