Monday, November 28, 2005

Reconcile this

......The Turkomans, for their part, were pleased with the statement by Iraqi Turkoman Front chief, Saadeddin Arkig, to the effect that everyone should work for a united Iraq. Iraq needs help and guidance. Dozens are being killed every day, either by bombers or US "friendly" fire. The main Iraqi reconciliation conference -- the preparations for which was held in Cairo this week -- is expected to take place in Baghdad by the end of February 2006. The question occupying most Iraqis now is if this week's Cairo preparatory meeting could help in curbing the ongoing blood bath in their country.

Head of the Iraqi Turkmani Front: We did not Request Turkish Intervention for Protecting us

Al Zaman
Mohsen Ameen, head of the Iraqi Turkmani front said that Iraqi Turkmen did not request any interference on behalf of Turkey for protecting them. He added, "We did not demand any state to interfere in Iraqi affairs as we are Iraqi, first of all. All we need is Iraqi army on Iraqi lands.

"I response to a question on whether the Turkmen are demanding for activating Turkey's role in Iraq in the light of the Iranian interference in this country, Ameen said, ""We are demanding the neighboring countries to assist Iraq in its ordeal. This is what the Arab League is doing."