Saturday, September 24, 2005

US attack on Tal Afar virtually ignored

by Linda S. Heard
September 16, 2005 Online Journal
The similarities don't end there. While people of the US Gulf Coast are suffering the effects of a cocktail of chemicals and effluent in the flood waters, 170 residents of Tal Afar have fallen ill to "curious poisons," which, according to Dr. Mohammed Qassem of the Iraqi Red Crescent, could result from "inhaling gases."

Assasination on Turkmen Politicians

By Jackie Spinner and Bassam Sebti Washington Post Foreign Service
Friday, September 23, 2005; 12:48 PM
Meanwhile, in Mosul, 275 miles north of Baghdad, police discovered 10 corpses Thursday night. Three of the bodies were identified as members of the Turkoman Front political party, said Bahaa Aldin Bakri, a physician at Jumhouri Hospital. Six of the bodies have not yet been identified, he said.
The three Turkoman Front members were shot by armed men driving in a red Opel sedan in the Baladiyat neighborhood of eastern Mosul, Bakri said

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Terrorist Attack on ITF in Mosul

Turkmeneli SAT. TV reported terrorist attack on Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF) office in Mosul today.
ITF Workers died during the attack.
Sabah Mahmut Yunus "ITF Coordinator" and Sadik Halil "president of Turkmen Youth and Student Union" and his brother were killed and another ITF worker Taha Sherif was wonded by the armed terrorist attack on The ITF office of Mosul.

Norway -Iraqi Turkmen Demonstration Meeting on Tal-afar

Saturday 17 sep. 2005 Norway-Iraqi Turkmen Assosiation protested the Tal-afar operation in Iraq.

Hundereds of Turkmens demonstrated against the civilian casulties of Turkmen city Tal-afar operation in Iraq. Demonstartors protested the new iraqi constitution wich divides Iraq and aims to give control of Turkmen to the Kurdish region in the future.
The demonstration took place in Oslo 2 days after a huge demonstration in Cobenhagen.
More demonstration expected in Ã…rhus/Denmark next week and Netherland the 1 of October 2005.

The Turkmen NGO's willing to continiue with their campaigns all over the world to put an end to the human right violations in Iraq.

N. Savas

Anyone and everyone is a target

Ahmed Janabi,
Wednesday 21 September 2005
"Who else other than Kurds would target the Turkmen? We have lived in harmony even with the Arabs brought to the city by Saddam Hussein’s government."Kalatchi said: "Actually, the people of Kirkuk including Kurds did not have a problem with each other. The problem is with those Kurds who were brought to Kirkuk after the occupation from all over Iraq and the neighbouring countries, in order to increase the number of Kurds and become a majority in the city."
"They are brainwashed that Turkmen and Arabs are the Kurds’ enemy."

Monday, September 19, 2005

Tal Afar and Strategic Calculations

....Unfortunately, gloomy incidents occur in Iraq. That Peshmerga and Shiite units are taking part in the massacre is shameful. Blimey! They chose the name “Badr Brigade” for themselves. In my opinion, they should not use the name of the first war that Holy Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), with a handful people won, against the Kuray tyrants. A Muslim army cannot drag a Muslim society into armed conflict and cannot cooperate with the occupiers. Even if they are not right in any of their demands, it clearly seems that the Sunnis as well as the Turkmen, are in a very uncertain and dangerous situation in Iraq. Furthermore, the Turkmen have no one to defend them. Seventy percent of the population has fled Tal Afar. This is the best shortcut to change the population balance in favor of the Peshmergas in Kerkuk (Kirkuk) and Tal Afar. The occupation forces and their collaborators carrying attacks by saying, “Terrorists are being sheltered,” are themselves carrying out ethnic cleansing against civilians in a typical manner....

Iraqis Demand a US Withdrawal

David Enders Thu Sep 15
....What Iraq will look like in the wake of a US withdrawal is uncertain. Already, Shiite political parties in the south, which is relatively stable in terms of violence against occupying forces and the government, have begun fighting one another for power, while police have turned a blind eye to extrajudicial killings and allegedly carried out some of their own. In the central region a low-level civil war is already taking place despite the presence of the US military, which has also failed to stop Kurds in the north from displacing Arabs and Turkmen in a bid to win a referendum on whether the oil city of Kirkuk should come under the administration of the autonomous Kurdish authority, which already runs three majority-Kurdish governorates in the north. The Iraqi army units trained and deployed by the United States in hostile cities like Falluja are made up of soldiers from other parts of the country, whom the locals accuse of oppressive tactics and random arrests. What is certain, say many Assembly members, is that the occupation has failed. .....