Saturday, August 13, 2005

Civil War In Iraq, Made In the USA

By AK Gupta
In the North, the Kurds have turned the tables on Sunni Arabs, who benefited from Saddam Hussein's repression of the Kurds. The effect can be seen in the largely Sunni Arab city of Mosul, with a population of 1.7 million. According to, Kurdish forces refer to Sunni Arabs as "murderous dogs, two-faced liars, animals and other epithets that indicate hatred of a group clearly regarded as an enemy." The same report estimates that more than 40,000 Peshmerga have been transferred wholesale into the national security services.
The Kurds are even running their own network of secret prisons, according to the Washington Post. With the knowledge and cooperation of U.S. forces, the Kurds have seized hundreds of Arabs and Turkmen in the city of Kirkuk, and possibly Mosul, and illegally transferred them to prisons further north.