Sunday, August 28, 2005

Turkmen Crisis in the Iraqi Constitution on the Way

No place for Turkmen in the new Iraqi constitution
When we collect all the significant data, we see that Turkmen voluntarily respect Iraqi territorial integrity, and are far from racist and fanatic or aggressive in their views; but are a democratic society that is peaceful, cultivated, having no dispute with anyone. In this case, Turkmen may be perceived as a plaster that may bond Arabs and Kurds, smothering their extreme activities and fill the emptiness and gaps between them. As they did in their former regions, Turkmen may take the political role of a strong, impartial and just bridge between the two societies. Turkmen may be accepted as a good balancing element; moreover, they may arbitrate in some ways to the controversial issues since half Turkmen are Shiites and the other half are Sunni. The differences of the sects never divided the Turkmen.