Thursday, September 22, 2005

Norway -Iraqi Turkmen Demonstration Meeting on Tal-afar

Saturday 17 sep. 2005 Norway-Iraqi Turkmen Assosiation protested the Tal-afar operation in Iraq.

Hundereds of Turkmens demonstrated against the civilian casulties of Turkmen city Tal-afar operation in Iraq. Demonstartors protested the new iraqi constitution wich divides Iraq and aims to give control of Turkmen to the Kurdish region in the future.
The demonstration took place in Oslo 2 days after a huge demonstration in Cobenhagen.
More demonstration expected in Ã…rhus/Denmark next week and Netherland the 1 of October 2005.

The Turkmen NGO's willing to continiue with their campaigns all over the world to put an end to the human right violations in Iraq.

N. Savas