Monday, December 19, 2005

Kurdish frauds

By Mofak Salman
Photos showing Kurdish frauds have been reported at the voting center in Turkmen City of Altunkoperi, Iraq, where Kurds from North of Iraq were casting their votes. The ink that was used could easily be washed off with some chlorine (bleach). The above photos show Kurdish voters were caught red handed in Altunkoperi, Iraq.

According to the ministry of the commerce the number of the Kurds who were deported from Kerkuk under the Arabization policy by the previous regime was 11,685. However, after the occupation of Kerkuk by the Kurdish militias, the number of the Kurds brought by the both Kurdish parties from outside of Kerkuk city and surrounding area has exceeded 300,000 Kurds.
However during the election on the January 2005. The Independent Electoral commission in Iraq Mr. Yahya Alasi had objected on the participation of illegitimate of 72,000 Kurds whom were illegally being added to the list of the eligible voters by the both Kurdish parties.
Instead of the fulfilment of the above request by the Mr.Yahya Alasi for the removal of the 72,000 illegitimate Kurds the commission has removed Mr.Yahya Alasi from his position forcibly because of the both Kurdish parties insistence.
Moreover, the visits of Deputy of US foreigner minister A. Richard to Iraq 2005 showed the green line and the encouragement to the both Kurdish parties to add the name of 108,000 illegitimate Kurdish voters name to the voting list; this caused an outraged among the Iraqi Turkmen
The Independent Electoral commission for the monitoring the election for the Iraqi parliament members from 13th to the 15th of December, 2005 has discovered a wide range of irregularities carried out by the both Kurdish parties by added 81,000 illegitimate Kurdish names in to the voting list in Kerkuk and surrounding areas by providing them with forgery documents in order to qualified them for the election.

We the Turkmen of Iraq are calling upon the US ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad and UN representative for Iraq Mr Ishraf Kazi to make sure the removal of the 81,000 illegitimate voters by the election committee whom forcibly inserted to the election list is valid and they should adhere to their decision.
Moreover, the removal of 81,000 unqualified Kurdish voters by using forged document that was provided to them by both Kurdish parties and according to the document numbers 614 /617, dated on the 9/12/2005 and 10/12/2005 accordingly that was released should not been allowed to vote, otherwise allowing these illegal voters to vote is unfair and would be a blow against democracy, and breach of the election rule.
It is shocking to see that the Independent Electoral commission for the monitoring the election for the Iraqi parliament members has deviated from its decision and allowed the illegitimate Kurdish voters to vote. It is utterly unacceptable to see that the independent electoral commission has bowed to the Kurdish pressure.
This clearly indicates that the independent commission is incapable and incompetent in fulfilling its duty. Also the Turkmen of Iraq has completely lost trust in the above commission; therefore we are calling on the UN representative in Iraq for urgent need for establishing independent committee to discuss the above changing.