Monday, December 05, 2005

Turkey Contributes To Democratization Process In Iraq, Deutsch

ANKARA - U.S. Deputy Coordinator for Iraq Robert S. Deutsch said on Friday that Turkey contributed to the democratization process in Iraq.
Robert S. Deutsch met Turkish Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Ali Tuygan and exchanged views with him about the recent developments in Iraq prior to the Iraqi elections on Dec. 15th, 2005.
Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Deutsch said that 2006 would be an important year for Iraq which walked on the path of being a pluralist, federal and democratic country. Turkey contributes positively to this process, Deutsch said.
When asked about the recent statement of Massoud Barzani, leader of Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) who had said that Kirkuk would belong to Kurds in 2007, Deutsch stressed that the Iraqi Constitution would be the determining factor regarding this issue. The Constitution prepared by Iraqis would also cover Kirkuk-related issues, he said and added that he hoped the consequence of that legal process would be to the interest of all Iraqis.
When reminded of the news on the initiative of the terrorist organization PKK to take part in Iraqi elections, Deutsch said that the rules of the Iraqi electoral commission didn't permit militants or groups that incited violence to take part in elections.
Deutsch said he believed the Iraqi elections would be fair, legitimate and comply with international standards, adding that Turkey and the international community supported Iraq.

Published: 12/4/2005