Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Iraqi Women Seek Survival not Science

By Semsinur Ozdemir,
Istanbul Published: Monday, January 30, 2006 zaman.com

The speech made by Dr. Enise Avci, an Iraqi Turkmen, at the "Women in the Alliance of Civilizations" International Women's Congress held by the Prime Ministry of the Women's Status General Directorship at Istanbul’s Conrad Hotel Sunday, and confronted conference participants with the realities taking place in Iraq today.
Dr. Avci’s speech entitled, "Woman's place in science- the Iraq example" in the panel themed "Women in Science and Technology" and expressed the situation in her country as "What is sought in Bagdat (Baghdad) today is survival not science."
She said Iraq, before the US occupation, was in a good condition regarding women's scientific works when compared to other Arab and Far Eastern countries, but today Baghdad, for centuries one of the world's largest science centers, has turned into the capital of a ghost country.
Avci expressed scientific works continued in her country despite the pressures of the overthrown regime and the rate of participation by women in this field was relatively high. ....continiue