Monday, December 18, 2006

Open Letter To The president of The United States Of America

Turkmen Komitê

Mr. George W. Bush
The president of The United States Of America
We as Turkmen living outside Iraq would like to express our appreciation regarding the ISG report.We find the ISG report realistic and a new hope for the future of Iraq and the region. Since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, Kurdish forces in northern Iraq have rallied to reverse what they claim to be an Arabization policy by Saddam Hussein, which purged Kirkuk and other oil-rich areas of Kurds and replaced them with Arab settlers. Thousands of Kurdish settlers from northern Iraq have flooded into Kirkuk and organized by the Kurdish administration, colonizing the city's desert outskirts. We believe the influx is a bid to change the city's ethnic balance ahead of a 2007 census and referendum that aims to decide whether Kirkuk will be annexed to Iraqi Kurdish region. Earlier this year as Turkmen politicians reported manipulations and irregularities conducted during the Iraqi Elections has created a falls administrative and representative composition especially in Kirkuk.We also mean that the Turkmens are not a minority ethnic group as mentioned in the report. n the map of report, The Turkmen people listed under Minority Groups. The word Turkmen means a an racial ethnic folk and not a religious sect as Shi'aa or Sunni or Yazidi. We request recurrence in this matter. We fully agree on the issue of delaying the 2007 referendum issued under recommendation 30 and willing to cooperate on all the issues for the purpose of democratisation of Iraq.
Savas Nurettin
The Secretary General of Turkmen Komitê