Monday, June 25, 2007

Assembly of Turkish American Associations Honorable Dr. Sadettin Ergeç


Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA)

Public Outreach Committee
The ATAA Capitol Forum and National Speakers Circuit
Proudly Presents
Honorable Dr. Sadettin Ergeç,

Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Iraq,

Chairman of the Iraqi Turkmen Front
To Discuss
Iraqi Unity and Solidarity Based on Human Rights, Equitable Sharing of Resources, and Iraqi Territorial Integrity
As of this announcement, in Iraq U.S. casualties were 3526 and the numbers of U.S. wounded were 114,000; reported Iraqi civilian deaths were 68,000; and, Turkish civilian casualties were 170, twenty more than the British military in Iraq. In addition, deep in Iraq, Turkmens, Chaldean Christians, and other defenseless indigenous groups have been subject to massacres and forced from their homes in important cities such as Kirkuk, where Kurdish leaders have been Kurdifying towns and cities with Kurds from other regions of Iraq. Honorable Dr. Sadettin Ergeç, who recently survived a terrorist attack, will be with us to discuss the dire situation and provide recommendations. He will be joined by Dr. Hegran Ahmad, ITF External Relations Director; Ahmet Muratli, ITF Ankara Representative; Asif Ismail, ITF London Representative; Jamal Mehmed Ali Allahwerede, Co-Chairman of the Iraqi Turkmen Front; and, Hisam Mustafa Taha, Member of the Iraqi Turkmen Council.
Tuesday, June 26, 200711:30 am - 1:30 pm

United States Congress

Rayburn Building, Room B340

Capitol Hill, Washington, DC
Lunch Will be Served