Wednesday, August 03, 2005

High Expectations of Independence

High Expectations of Independence
For Many Kurds in Iraqi North, Autonomy Is Just a Means to an End
By Ellen KnickmeyerWashington Post Foreign Service
Monday, August 1, 2005; Page A10
...."I don't like Iraq -- Arabic Iraq. I'm a Kurd and I'm in Kurdistan," Muhammed insisted, then volunteered, "I'm ready to fight.".........
Already, assassinations of Arab officials in Kirkuk are frequent. Kurds in the security forces have also been accused of kidnapping hundreds of Arabs and ethnic Turkmens from Kirkuk, according to U.S. and Kurdish officials and the family members of the alleged victims.Many Kurds fear those security forces as well. They freeze and fall silent when asked in public about Barzani's administration, as Iraqis did in Hussein's time in Baghdad.......