Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Letter to The Luxembourg presidency of the European Union

    To: The Luxembourg presidency of the European Union
    international conference on Iraq of the European Union
    22 june 2005 Brussels

    As an ethnic group of Iraq, we appreciate the great effort for rebuilding Iraq and its democratisation process.
    We aim to maintain the cooperation with both the other groups of Iraq and also foreign countries in this historical process. Despite the difficulties in administrative and security issues, we hope for a free and peaceful future in Iraq where there is a substantial progress in the last two years.
    Turkmens will avoid the bad experiences of nationalist, assimilation, pressure, cruel and discrimination policies formerly will avoid these policies not be repeated in the future.

    What is being criticized of the regulations and the implementations violating the human rights and equality due to the concerns of those bad experiences might repeat, should not be interpreted as they are against the new order.

    The negligence of these kind of contrary regulations and implementations will distress and effect the stability in the future.

    We support and respect the other ethnic groups acquiring their rights.

    In this context, the points stated below should be taken into consideration immediately:

    .Providing the legal and practical oportunity to each religious/denomination group to live up to their beliefs.
    .Making the necessary legal arrangements for the ethnic groups to receive education in their own language and use as formal language where the ethnic groups are densely populated in particular.
    .Strengthening the audit of the implementations of the regulations made for preventing the possible pressure of any group on another and applying punitive sanctions to the violations.
    .Monitoring Iraq for a reasonable period by an international commission consisting as well from neutral countries and organizations such as UN, EU, USA, NATO etc.

    Best regards
    Savas Noredin