Thursday, September 08, 2005

Turkey urges close attention to protection of civilians in Tal Afar

US Embassy says operation does not target any ethnic group:
A written statement from the U.S. Embassy in Ankara concerning the operation in Tal Afar coincided with Tan's remarks yesterday.

Ankara’s sensitivities concerning the operation in Tal Afar have been strongly expressed to US officials, says Foreign Ministry spokesman Tan
ANKARA - Turkish Daily News
ANKARA - Turkish Daily News
Ankara has drawn attention for the need to distinguish ordinary residents of the northern Iraqi town of Tal Afar -- a predominantly Turkmen city where U.S. and Iraqi soldiers are trying to wrest control from terrorists and insurgents who have come to the city from outside.
Thousands of civilians fled Tal Afar and plumes of smoke were rising from the city, news reports said yesterday. Ambulances were seen carrying at least 10 wounded civilians toward nearby Mosul.