Thursday, September 08, 2005

Turkmen Calls On International Community To Take Action Against Incidents In Tal Afar

ANKARA - Kasim Omer, the deputy chairman of the Iraqi Turkmen Democrat Party, has called on the international community ``to take action to stop genocide``.
Releasing a statement, Omer stated that ``the massacre launched in Tal Afar on September 3rd has turned into genocide``, and said, ``we call on all Muslim countries and neighboring countries, particularly Turkey, Russia, China, India, France, Germany and Turkish republics to take action to stop this genocide.``
``The number of women, men and children who were killed in the attacks of U.S. soldiers and peshmerges reached 213 as of last night,`` indicated Omer.
Omer said, ``uranium and napalm which had been used by the United States in Yugoslavia and during Iraq`s invasion, was also used in the recent attack on Tal Afar.``
Noting that power and water were cut in the city and no medicines or doctors could be found, Omer said that the hospital became headquarters of U.S. soldiers.
``The U.S. attack is targeting not only Shiite but also Sunni sacred places. This attack is a part of the policy of the United States to eradicate Turkism in Tel Afar,`` added Omer.